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Hear your work performed by a professional orchestra for the first time. Learn from music professionals and artist mentors.  Premiere your new work in unforgettable experiences.  Take the leading edge of music through ACO’s programs.

Hear beautiful and provocative sounds and meet the artists behind them. Join our vibrant, inclusive community of talented creators and intensely curious listeners obsessed with creativity, and be a part of pushing the boundaries of musical expression and experience.

ACO Sonic Spark programs help students fulfill their potential through engagement with the creative arts and performing music. In schools, in collaboration with some of New York’s most impactful arts programs, and in private group study, we make composition into a platform for creativity, and creativity is a platform for achievement in all areas.

ACO supports composers at all levels in the creation of new orchestral works, from exploring the legacy of great artists to premiering new works by fresh voices. Join ACO’s network of partners in supporting the voices of the future.

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Paula Matthusen is a composer who writes both electroacoustic and acoustic music and realizes sound installations.
Emmy award-winning composer, Joel Thompson is a composer, pianist, conductor, and educator from Atlanta.
Tomas Peire Serrate was born in Barcelona. He studied piano at the Sant Cugat del Vallès conservatory, where he grew up, and History at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Our Mission & Vision

American Composers Orchestra (ACO) is dedicated to the creation, celebration, performance, and promotion of orchestral music by American composers. With commitment to diversity, disruption and discovery, ACO produces concerts, pre-college and college education programs, and emerging composer professional development to foster a community of creators, audience, performers, collaborators, and funders.

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