Creative Spark with Lisa Bielawa


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Join ACO for an hour-long interactive event, led by ACO-commissioned composer Lisa Bielawa, that celebrates and unlocks the creativity and curiosity that lives in each of us. Do you delight in making things up? Are you ready to explore how to spark new vitality in your life through your natural creativity? This event is for you! Please join us for a unique opportunity to energize your imagination through prompts, Surrealist games and interactive idea-making, while supporting ACO’s Sonic Spark education programs.

Lisa Bielawa is known for her participatory works including Broadcast from HomeVoters’ Broadcast and her current project, BFH Radio – Broadcast from Here. Described by The Washington Post as “spellbinding,” Broadcast from Home was realized online throughout the period of the coronavirus lockdown, featuring over 500 submitted testimonies and recorded voices from six continents. Voters’ Broadcast’s mission was to stimulate voter engagement, political awareness, and community participation in challenging lockdown conditions, through the act of giving voice to the concerns of fellow citizens, during the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential election. Bielawa is currently at work on BFH Radio, a continuous and evolving soundscape incorporating words, voices, and found audio from participants all over the world which gathers the sounds of people’s first experiments with narrowing social distance or re-engaging with formerly familiar activities, as well as their encounters with new lockdowns or new challenges, and weaves these together with musical materials.

Don’t miss this chance to create, experiment, and play with Lisa, ACO’s artistic director Derek Bermel, and the ACO community.

Photo: Lisa Bielawa’s movement map for her composition Crissy Broadcast, courtesy of Bielawa


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