Yvette Janine Jackson

2022-23 CoLABoratory Fellow

Yvette Janine Jackson is a composer of electroacoustic, chamber, and orchestral musics for concert, theatre, and installation.  Building on her experience as a theatrical sound designer, she blends various forms into her own aesthetic of narrative soundscape composition, radio opera, and improvisation.  Her works often draw from history to examine relevant social issues. She participated in ACO’s EarShot Readings with Naples Philharmonic in 2016. 

The Work

Hello, Tomorrow!,for orchestra and electronics, takes its title from George Lefferts’ story that was adapted for the radio drama series Dimension XandX Minus One in the 1950s, and is a response to reading Naomi Oreskes’ and Eric M. Conway’s The Collapse of Western Civilization.  Both use science fiction to depict a future made unrecognizable by human (in)actions.  This composition is a reflection on the actions that can be taken today to bring about positive change.  Building on Yvette Janine Jackson’s body of electroacoustic radio operas, Hello, Tomorrow! invites the listener to draw upon personal experiences and knowledge to construct the narrative. 

Recent Work

Atlantic Crossing for EarShot: Naples Philharmonic (2016)

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