Underwood New Music Readings: Composer Spotlight – Carl Schimmel

Composer Carl Schimmel is one of the seven selected composers for ACO’s 24th annual Underwood New Music Readings on May 6 and 7. Carl says of his selected piece, “Two Variations on Ascent into the Empyrean is a pair of short orchestral movements inspired by my children’s artwork.” Read his full program note here.

Carl was kind enough to answer some questions for SoundAdvice.

Composer Carl Schimmel

What was your reaction to finding out your piece had been selected for the Underwood New Music Readings?
I was very pleased and also surprised; when I submit works to competitions and calls for scores I always do so with the assumption that my work will not be selected.  Opportunities to work with professional orchestras are hard to come by, as are opportunities to work together with composers who are as accomplished as Derek Bermel and Gabriela Lena Frank and Kevin Puts.  Furthermore, I always enjoy getting to know my fellow composers and their music.  So, I’m very much looking forward to my time in New York and I anticipate that it will be educational and inspiring.

What preparations are you making ahead of the readings with the American Composers Orchestra?
Right now I’m trying to finish parts for another orchestra piece!  But in the days leading up to the Readings, I will be double-checking the parts and score for any errors that I might have missed the first few times around, and I’ll spend additional time with the score to formulate some questions and come up with possible edits.

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