New York Philharmonic EarShot Readings: Composer Spotlight – Wang Lu

SoundAdvice sits down with Wang Lu, a previous participant in ACO’s Underwood New Music Readings and one of the comopsers selected to participate in the New York Philharmonic EarShot Readings in June, part of the inaugural NY PHIL BIENNIAL. Her piece, Scenes from the Bosco Sacro, will be read on June 3, followed by feedback from the New York Philharmonic musicians, maestro Alan Gilbert, and mentor composers.

American Composers Orchestra: What was the inspiration for your piece that will be read at the New York Philharmonic EarShot Readings?  How has that been incorporated into the work?

The inspiration for Scenes from the Bosco Sacro came from a visit last year to the Bosco Sacro, or “Sacred Grove,” a Mannerist garden complex in Italy, about an hour’s drive north of Rome. I was struck by the strange, grotesque depictions of historical and mythological figures, a kind of historical amusement park, and wanted to convey this bizarre experience through the piece.

Wang Lu: What were your first thoughts when you were chosen to participate in these Readings, which are part of the inaugural NY PHIL BIENNIAL?

It was of course exhilarating, and I immediately thought to look again at the score, since it had been a few months since the submission.

ACO: Since you were selected, have you further developed your piece? How have you been preparing yourself and your work for the Readings?

  I made adjustments to the form, clarified some of the orchestration, and made some improvements to the engraving.

WL: During the Readings your work will be workshopped with Alan Gilbert, mentor composers, and New York Philharmonic musicians. What do you hope to gain from this experience?

The opportunity for a composer to hear any orchestral work is incredibly rare. I look forward to interacting with the musicians, getting feedback from composers I admire, who have years of experience writing for the medium, and working with a conductor who is a great champion of new work.

Wang Lu at the Bosco Sacro in Italy

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