coLABoratory: Lab 4 – Judith Sainte Croix: After the Lab

Judith Sainte Croix
At the 4th workshop of Vision V the entire Sonora Trio was present, Oren Fader on electric guitar, Andrew Bolotowsky on Native American Flute and composer Judith Sainte Croix on 88-key synthesizer.
The orchestra played with live synthesizer realizing the soundscapes we have been creating over the workshops.
Judith Sainte Croix
One of the experiments for this workshop was to try out the audience participation aspect of the piece. A group of students from Frank Sinatra High School in Queens was present and helped out with this. One of the issues being tested was the ease of teaching this part to the audience before a performance. I taught them their part in under 2 min. The conductor rehearsed them for less then a minute and they performed with the orchestra following their cues.
We tried running the digital images on the three large sections of the piece and decided to create more images10 in all – one for each of the subsections:
I.  Toward Liberation – Reaching, Extreme Mystery, Essence, Soarings;

II.  SunShadow – Wind Opens the Trees, Thunderbirds, Portal of Roots & Joy  

III.  Inner Space Lucid, Breezes, Diamonds in the Grass
Each of the subsections will divulge the experience of the contemporary individual; seeking to capture an animating life force. The orchestral music forms alliances within and across instrumental family groups articulating the behavior of the fabric of humanity as the composition unrolls its aural story. 

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  1. R A Fish
    April 1, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Bravo Maestra! Looking forward to your amazing opera, ensemble and orchestral compositions being performed internationally & you being recognized globally as well … 🙂

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