coLABoratory: Lab 1 – Judith Sainte Croix: After the Lab

I was encouraged by the response of orchestral musicians to the invitation to create timbrel variations on given pitches based on synth sounds. As per Derek’s suggestion in the next workshop I will expand on this exploratory process.

Some of the revelations that were especially great for me were…

Gail, countrabass, shared her favorite sound in relation to the synth sound as bowing the tail piece and also placing that sound with the low brass in the orchestration of the opening chord.

Lanny and Sarah, cellists, felt good about the pulsations in one of the synth sounds and liked the addition of  bow pulsations to their string section chordal progression.

Eva, 1st violinist, suggested adding trills and an octave displacement in response to the synth sounds.

Veronica, violist, suggested adding ponti cello to the the viola section bar 1- 18.

I am going to make use of Morton Subotnick’s suggestion to work out a way of making these variations through the string section leaders to facilitate the rehearsal process.

Wayne DuMaine, trumpet came up with a trumpet sound that featured 6 tones at once inside an opening chord as per the synth sound and Kyle Turner, tuba immediately suggested dropping his part an octave.

I found it generally hard to hear Andrew Bolotowsky’s Native American flute and will put it in front of the orchestra in the next rehearsal and make sure he has a microphone from the beginning of the rehearsal, as well as open up the orchestration surrounding various phrases that he plays.

We got wonderful photos of the musicians playing their instruments and hence inspiration for how the digital images will be created that will backdrop the orchestra during the performance.

Next workshop we will shoot with a flash during set up to avoid flashes during rehearsals. Thanks to all!

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