Day 2: Benjamin Taylor – Underwood New Music Readings: From the Composer

Day 2 – Thoughts on Underwood New Music Readings
by Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor Explains his piece,
Leaving White
, to the audience.

The energy and vibe of the performance-reading was wonderful!  The orchestra read our pieces this evening to a sold-out audience.  We composers all sat in the front, taking our turns giving a brief introduction to our works, and then taking the hot-seat during the performance.  Each piece spoke with a clear voice, and each was distinct and unique.  During the intermission and after the concert, I enjoyed talking with members of the audience, all of which were very complimentary and supportive of the music they heard.  I especially thought that the soloists did an incredible job in my piece; Michael Roth on violin, Stephen Taylor on oboe, Stephen Hart on Clarinet, Laura Koepke on bassoon, and Ben Herman on timpani.  Working with this orchestra, George Manahan, and the mentor composers has been an experience worth years studying composition at a university!

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