Day 2 & 3: Pin Hsin Lin – Underwood New Music Readings: From the Composer

Day 2 & 3 – Thoughts on Underwood New Music Readings
by Pin Hsin Lin

Christina Jensen PR
Publicity and Promotion Discussion
The second morning, June 2, 2012, consisted of a professional development workshop comprising of a presentation on “Intellectual Property and Copyright Law” by Jim Kendrick, a summary on “Engraving and Self-Publishing” by Bill Holab, an overview of “Support Structures for Composers” by New Music USA president Ed Harsh, and a course in “Publicity and Promotion” by Christina Jensen. This workshop provided useful information for us as we move into becoming professional composers. Writing good music is just half of the process, we need to know how to effectively promote ourselves.
Afterward, my fellow composers and I met with the maestro Manahan again before the run-through concert that evening. In Saturday night’s second reading session, ACO sounded even better than yesterday! My fellow composers and I briefly introduced our works before the maestro rehearsed a few spots and performed a full run-through. All of the great qualities of each work were well pronounced today. My colleagues and I were very happy with the results. After the concert, we went to a reception to celebrate our successful performance and to meet other ACO alumni.
Finally, the third day, June 3, 2012, opened with a panel discussion of issues relevant to young composers by our illustrious mentor composers and maestro. This time they focused on our music and composing process, which I never learned before.
George Manahan and Pin Hsin Lin

I would like to express my deep gratitude to American Composers Orchestra, maestro George Manahan, our mentor composers (Bob Beaser, Steven Stucky, Derek Bermel, and Melinda Wagner), and the other participant composers for this precious experience. I sincerely hope the Underwood Readings program will continue to grow in the future. Because of this wonderful program, many individual creative and personal voices can be seen!

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