And Away We Go…

It has actually started. After many long flights and grappling with time changes and altitude (this is the mile-high city after all…) I’m sitting in Boettcher Concert Hall listening to the orchestra’s first pass through of Angel Lam’s piece In Search of Seasons. Aside from the fact that the music unfolding is delicate, sensitive, and just plain lovely to hear, there is a palpable energy in the air. The musicians, the composers, all focusd on this very concentrated moment, the first stab at a new work.
Imagine what it felt like the first time Mahler threw a downbeat on his first “Titan” Symphony. Or the moment when Beethoven first heard three brash E-flat major chords blared out by an orchestra as he gave a sucker-punch to the symphonic world. Or better yet, don’t. Come by tomorrow morning and hear and feel it for yourself. There is an undeniable energy to the first run-through of a new work… a terror, a joy… let’s face it, it’s just pretty darn cool.

-John Glover, Ops Manager

1. Delta David Gier leads the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

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