Wonderful Atmosphere

What a great pleasure to have been part of the first EarShot Network Readings!

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra conducted by their Music Director David Loebel did just a terrific job. Everybody in the orchestra had a wonderful approach to the music in front of them. Each of the four composers had a dramatically different approach to their work and this did not prevent the musicians from trying their very best and performing at a truly high level. Maestro Loebel knew the scores inside out and inspired the players with his professionalism.
A truly wonderful atmosphere. A great honor to have been a part of this, and I feel very grateful to have met Melinda Wagner and Michael Gandolfi. They are both great composers and

wonderful teachers. Their wise comments will be very much remembered!

A big pleasure to have met my three colleagues. All very talented composers and great people. We had fun together. To everybody involved in this: thank you so much for making this experience such a great one!

-Christian Baldini

1. Christian Baldini speaking to the orchestra during the reading of his work while Maestro Loebel listens.
2. Concertmaster Susanna Gilmore tuning the orchestra before reading Christian’s piece.

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