Missing Memphis

Now back in Boston. What an extraordinary experience! I will never forget it. Maestro David Loebel is such an incredible musician and mentor! He was fantastic and knew the scores VERY well. The orchestra performed very well all of these incredibly different scores!

Our group was very good ( Jean, Christian and Patricio), all of us with different aesthetics and I did learn a lot from my colleagues too! We got along extremely well and got to spend some nice time together talking about many different things! The mentor composers were also very inspiring. Melinda Wagner and Michael Gandolfi gave us their support and advice. Their wisdom helped us taking the most of these experience. I will miss all these extraordinary people! Those two days seemed like…two weeks! Very intense!

-Andreia Pinto-Correia

1. Andreia Pinto-Correia with condcutor David Loebel reviewing her score before the reading.

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