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For information contact:

Kevin James
Director of Education
212-977-8495, x252




Compose Yourself

for High School Students

Compose Yourself for high school students is designed to give student composers intensive, practical, hands-on instruction in the craft and art of music composition. All styles and genres are welcome.

All lessons are in a small group format of 2 or 3 students.
Lessons with 2 students are 1 hour in duration.
Lessons with 3 students are 90 minutes.

The fee for this program is $50 per lesson.
Participants must purchase a package of six lessons at a time.
-Scholarships are available in cases of need-

In addition to lessons the package includes:

  • free access to ACO dress rehearsals
  • readings of your works by ACO musicians

  • All lessons are taught by ACO Education Director, Kevin James.


    Click on this link

    This will open an email message to Mr. James

    Once this email is received by Kevin, he will be in touch to finalize your registration and help you get your lessons started

    You'll be asked to include the following information in the body of your registration email:

    1. Full name

    2. Address

    3. Parent's name

    4. Parent's email

    5. Parent's cell phone

    6. Student's email

    7. Student's cell phone

    8. Best method and times that you can be reached

    9. Best availability for lesson times

    10. School you attend

    11. Your year in school

    12. Your age

    13. Specific interests that you'd like to address in your lessons

    Most lessons are currently scheduled on Saturdays
    Please note in your email if Saturdays are not possible for you

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