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what is aco Xchange?

aco Xchange is the American Composers Orchestra professional network. aco Xchange has been created to help share and disseminate information about new American orchestral music. It is a way for music professionals to tap into the American Composers Orchestra's research and experience with new orchestral music, and a way to ask questions and share information with others involved in the creation and presentation of new American orchestral music.

aco Xchange will start as a web-based community that includes discussion groups, announcements, as well as a calendar of events which members can access and post messages to. In addition, the American Composers Orchestra will also publish articles, news and information culled from its ongoing exploration of new American orchestral music. Other organizations and members of aco Xchange are also invited to submit information that may be of interest to the rest of the aco Xchange community. On a regular basis, there will be surveys to collect additional information from the field.

As aco Xchange develops, we hope to create a nationwide network of those interested in American orchestral music, and that such activities as co-commissions and other collaborative programs, workshops and professional development activities, as well as special funding opportunities will also become available through aco Xchange.

who is aco Xchange intended to serve?

Membership in aco Xchange is open to anyone involved or interested in the process of making new American music--conductors/music directors, artistic administrators, publishers, presenting organizations, artist managers, performers, composers, radio stations, funders, publishers, music librarians, operations and production personnel.

You might want to join aco Xchange if you are:

  • a music director looking for exciting new works to program;

  • an artistic administrator, looking for repertoire ideas;
  • a presenting organization interested in expanding your offerings of new American music;
  • a marketing director interested in ideas on how to help market a new piece;
  • a composer looking for new opportunities;
  • an orchestra looking for an emerging composer to commission, or another orchestra to partner with on a a co-commission;
  • an music educator interested in ways to incorporate American music into an arts education program;
  • a production or operations manager with questions about unusual stage management, equipment or set-up issues required by some contemporary music;
  • a funding agency interested in topics of concern to the field of contemporary American music;
  • a music publisher interested in new works by emerging composers;
  • a music librarian tackling some unusual score/parts problems in a new work;
  • someone interested into tapping into the American Composers Orchestra's experiences and research in programming contemporary American music for more than 20 years;
  • or, anyone with a professional interest in the development of contemporary American orchestra music.

how do I join?

To join aco Xchange, we ask that you complete a short online questionnaire so that we know a little bit about you and your interests, and how aco Xchange might be able to serve the music community. There is no charge to join. Please e-mail us with any questions.



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