Photo courtesy of the New-York Historical SocietyImmigrant Voices
Choral Concert & Public Forum

Sunday, March 11, 2001
New-York Historical Society

Immigrant Voices

Music inspired by immigrant folksong

New York Concert Singers
Judith Clurman, director
Susan Jolles, harp
Alan Muraoka, narrator

MAX HELFMAN: The Lady with the Lamp
IGOR STRAVINSKY: Ave Maria & Anthem
ERNST KRENEK: The Four Sweet Months
ARNOLD SCHOENBERG: Drei Volksliedsatze
ERNST TOCH: Geographical Fugue
CHEN YI (arr.): Fengyang Song
PAOLA PRESTINI: Solitude (World Premiere)
ALICE PARKER (arr.): Irish Folk Songs

Public Forum: Access and Identity in Immigrant-American Music
3:30 pm (immediately following the performance)

Kathleen Hulser, Public Historian of the New-York Historical Society, moderator
Alla Borsova, composer
Nancy Foner, historian, author of From Ellis Island to JFK
Lukas Foss, composer, conductor, & pianist
Lisa Knauer, musicologist & historian, authority Cuban music
P.Q. Phan, composer & educator
Judith Clurman, musician and educator

Ticket & Venue Information

The New-York Historical Society is located at 2 West 77th St., New York 10023. Telephone: 212-873-3400. Admission to the choral concert and public forum is free with museum admission.