Featured Composers

Lukas FossLukas Foss
Born 1922, Germany;
Arrived in U.S., 1937.
"American musical history personified"
- Detroit Free Press





Jin Hi Kim. Photo Credit: Camilla Van ZuylenJin Hi Kim
Born 1957, Korea;
Arrived in U.S., 1980.
"Shimmering east-west amalgams"
—The New York Times

Profile: Jin Hi Kim


Tania León
Born 1943, Cuba;
Arrived in U.S., 1967.
"A kaleidoscope of color and tonal pattern"
- The Cincinnati Enquirer


P.Q. Phan
Born, 1962, Vietnam;
Arrived in U.S., 1982
"A masterful intertwining of Asian and Western musics"
- San Francisco Examiner